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Sunday, 16 June 2013 18:42

Baker Racing Team published Instagram Account

Instagram Account : @bakerracingteam

2012 World Cup Championships race report: PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 20:31


The annual RC Boats world cup championships took place in Las Vegas from Oct 26-28 2012. Known as the most prestigious RC Boats race where all the big names in the sport gather to compete against each other and finally show the world who is simply the best. In fact, being the best in such big race with entries from 220-240 racers from all around the world is not an easy task. It takes a dedicated team to achieve such honors.

Baker Racing Team is not new to this kind of world class event as team members have already participated in the World Cup back in 2010 and 2011. However, for 2012, Baker Racing Team had a bigger, better and more experienced team than all the previous years.

The team's preparation for the event started many months before the event. Baker Racing Team owner Mr. Baker Al Faresi fully supported team members to prepare for this huge race by providing them with all the financial needs they demanded to get the best equipment.

Arriving to the race date, team members were fully confident and ready for the world class event!  A strong team made of highly skilled drivers and very well known in the region was ready to go to Vegas.

Team members:

Talal Baqer

Ali Alsherazy

Othman Alnfesa

Rashed Aldosary

Ayman Abul

Meshari Alzaaby (Mechanic)


Team Drivers with the owner of Insane Boats


The team arrived to Vegas on October 21st 2012 5 days ahead of the event. In fact, they spent the 5 days testing and tuning for the big show to start on the 26th.

Qualifying day kicked off strong with over 230 participants, a very windy weather kept all drivers very careful and slowed the pace. All team Baker drivers did really good and kept a good yet very careful pace to place themselves in the top 50 at the end of day one!


An idea on how boats where flying instead of floating!!!


The second day of qualification saw a better weather with calm wind and a very flat Lake! A faster possible pace was obvious from the very first heats and everyone raised his game to its maximum. Baker Racing Team drivers (Ali AlSherazy, Talal Baqer and Othman Alnfesa) found their speed, lines and the way to place themselves among the top 10. A great achievement was scored and promising results for finals.



Team Drivers Ali Alsherazy and Talal Baqer during day 2 runs



Team Drivers Othman Alnfesa and Ayman Abul



Team Driver Rashed AlDosary

The 3rd and the most important day had come!! Finals day! Team drivers showed a very strong spirit going into their respective finals. Racing in both classes (Open and G-1) in Mono, catamaran and hydro!

The full year preparation and the test and tune period before the event finally showed off.  The team scored amazing results during this world class event where 5 trophies were won in all three hull types.

Rashed AlDosary faced multiple mechanical issues during his qualification runs and bad luck kept coming to make him miss the main final.

Ayman Abul made the main final in the open Catamaran class and finished a respectful 5th out of 60 participants in this class.



Ayman Abul after his final!!

Talal Baqer fought his way to 2 main finals and finished 6th in the G-1 Hydro class. He then put it all back together to win his first trophy when he put himself on the podium of the Open Catamaran class where he finished 3rd out of 50 participants.



Talal Baqer with his Boats and awards


Othman Alnfesa made it to all three main finals in the classes he raced. He finished 4th in the G-1 Mono class and the Open Hydro class. His best run was during the G-1 Hydro where he managed a 2nd place win and another podium for the team. He was also rewarded for the fastest lap in the same class.


Othman Alnfesa with his Boats and awards


Ali Alsherazy was the man of the show scoring 3 podium finishes in all three main finals. Very consistent yet very fast driving made him finish 2nd in the Open Mono class, Open Catamaran class and in the G-1 Mono class! 3 trophies for Ali and the team and a personal best achievement for Ali Alsherazy.


Ali Alsherazy with his Boats and awards.


And not to forget the pit man, Mechanic Meshari Alzaaby who fully supported the team and worked on every single boat. Highly experienced with tons of knowledge, he kept all boats running flawlessly. Without this man, none of this achievement was possible.


Team Mechanic Meshari Alzaaby



Team Drivers after the awards banquet with their trophies!!! Great job guys


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Shipping the racing boats vigas 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 October 2012 00:33

Shipping the racing boats to las vigas for 2012 Would cup






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Ayman Abul New Member PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 October 2012 00:00


New Member joined The Team


world championship in gas boat racing in las vegas usa 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 03 September 2012 15:24
The Baker Racing Team Kuwait CEO Mr.BAKER had a meeting with
‏To send again there team on another world championship in gas boat racing in las vegas usa 2012 All the team drivers are already ready and boats are all setups for the world champion ship.

Baker Team is Ready for Las Vegas 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 03 September 2012 15:23

The team drivers are already packs there racing boats and ships from kuwait to las vegas USA for the world championship 2012.







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